About Us

My Three Sons Design (AKA Tinker Tailored Design Co.) began in 2001 and specialized in custom candy bar wrappers. We designed favors for weddings, graduations, bridal & baby showers and even businesses. My husband and I would often sit in our living room wrapping 1000 Hershey bars. The boys would sneak and see the unwrapped ones as "free game" as we would find evidence of brown shiny wrappers in conspicuous places. LOL! We eventually expanded into bridal shops where we added wedding invitations and specialty gifts for the bride and groom.

As my children grew and my 3 sons turned into my 4 sons, my available time for custom design work became less and less. I took local orders and volunteered (& gifted) my design services to my church and to friends and loved ones over the years as time allowed. I never stopped creating for others and loved every minute of it! However, my greatest happiness came when I was able to pour out my talents on my own children as they celebrated the special moments in their lives...graduations, weddings, showers and now onto babies!

Making people feel special is what Tinker Tailored Design Co. is all about!
Tinker Tailored Design Co. specializes in creating one-of-a-kind custom designed special occasion items that will bring an element of elegance and high-quality to any event. Our attention to detail and passion for making each wedding truly special sets us apart. Let us help make your special day unforgettable.